About Us

Watch the video of modeling and talent agent Ronen Efrat in the media, who is also a judge in beauty contests, and about how the gift shop, the trainings and the photoshoots of Ronen Efrat’s acting and reality TV modeling agency brand were founded as a result of the publicity and the media buzz that had been building for years

Ronen Efrat’s modeling, acting, talent & reality TV agency was founded in 2008 after years of practice and specialization in the field of fashion, acting, public relations and reality TV
The agency has been around for over 15 years and has managed to represent hundreds of models, talents & actors.
Ronen Efrat has decades of experience in the field of representation, and his experience is worth a huge fortune to models, talents & actors as well as a consultant and guide on the path to self-fulfillment and success!
Agent Ronen Efrat managed to be the judge of international beauty pageants who determined who will be the beauty queen and who will succeed, all based on over a decade of experience in the field of beauty and modeling in particular.
For a decade, Israel’s paparazzi photographers have mainly sought to photograph the models of Ronen Efrat and agent Ronen Efrat for the leading portals and entertainment sites in Israel
Through the agency, Ronen Efrat’s agency models have starred in many TV shows, and been interviewed by Shai Stern with Hannah Leslau, Michal Amdursky and more … Agent Ronen Efrat has also been interviewed extensively on many TV shows on modeling and campaigns.
After appearing on reality and TV shows, some of the models, talents & actors received lucrative job offers and campaigns following the advertising on TV and as network stars on the Internet!
Advertising and public relations are necessary in the field of modeling and representation in order to get lucrative jobs, and Ronen Efrat’s agency provides strong public relations and advertising services in all media through personal connections and lots of protection!
Ronen Efrat’s modeling and television agency promotes and pushes models, talents & actors towards uncompromising success and with uncompromising perfectionist representation!